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A quick adjustable KAFO(Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis) for efficient rehabilitation

In the cerebral stroke guideline 2015, early gait rehabilitation with orthosis is strongly recommended as grade A.This product is a KAFO to be equipped in a hospital. We consider the importance of early orthosis treatment and designed the product to undergo early gait rehabilitation with quick adjustment.



Center Fix System
You can adjust the circumference of a thigh cuff by turning dial in the cuff. The belt would tighten towards AP direction and also ML direction to fix the thigh in the orthosis.


Height Adjustment System

The cuff can slide up and down along the upright. You can lock and release the cuff with a lever easily. You can adjust heights of lower leg cuff, knee joint and thigh cuff. If you haven’t adjust the heights from the time issue, you could adjust the heights quickly with this orthosis. You can also cut down the orthosis easily by the lever and slides.


Hold foot mechanism

The heel is held in the orthosis by tightening ankle belts. A patient can walk stably with the orthosis.


Orthosis care

The materials in a cuff or a foot component are wipeable and sterilizable with sterilization chemicals. Because the orthosis is designed to be shared in the hospital, you can take care the orthosis easily and securely.
*You cannot wash (whole washing) in water.


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