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ITEM NO : 14924

Le Loto Des Odeurs - Everyday Aroma Activity Game


Supplied complete with colour cards to match the aromas for visual identification. The sense of smell promotes visual recognition. This stimulation encourages hand movements to place the diffuser on the correct picture. Rules included. The scents include lemon, coconut, soap, rose and firewood. 5 game cards (17cm x 11cm)

30 sealed aroma flasks

Enjoyed by children and adults

A useful conversation prompt

Stimulates memories and associations between a certain smell and past experiences

A great 'ice-breaker', this game can help teachers, SENCOs and supervisors to learn more about individuals without asking direct questions

Often used by the Positive Play Support Programme, games like this can be used to show children with low self-esteem that sometimes we can all fail or get the wrong answer, so we can try again. Games help children to cope with losing, and help them to learn to share and take turns.

Size: box 34 x 28 x 4cm


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