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ITEM NO : 21563

Bouncy Lily Pads - Large Lily Pad


Many children with sensory processing disorders and ASD enjoy jumping and bouncing. These lily pads provide a safe place to bounce and an outlet for releasing energy appropriately. Both options provide proprioceptive input and vestibular activity that children with sensory processing problems can crave. These lily pads can help improve flexibility, spatial awareness, confidence and co-ordination.

Particularly useful when combined with other balance products from ROMPA to create a sensory circuit. With heavy duty springs distributed evenly between two layers of Baltic birch wood. Completely covered in easy to clean polyurethane vinyl to prevent hands and feet getting pinched. With a non-slip rubber base for added safety. Colours may vary.

Colours may vary. Working load: 90kg (200 lbs). Dimensions 16.5cm high x 77cm diameter


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