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ITEM NO : 22653

Build N Balance Advanced Set


Includes 6 smaller tops, 2 larger tops, 3 planks, 3 log planks, 2 bridge piers, 1 slack line, 1 rocking plank, 1 bars & joints and 1 tilting disc.

  • Build N Balance
  • Modular for multiple combinations
  • Fun and challenging
  • Fosters imaginative play
  • Flexible vary the difficulty level
  • Height ranges from 10 to 24cm
  • Encourages daring and confidence-building

Each great set is especially effective when bought in multiples for even more combinations and ever-varying challenges.



Plastic strengthened with steel bars. For 2-10 years. Typical colour: blue. Maximum load: 100kg. Weight: 2.3kg. Size: 72L x 13W x 3cmH

Smaller Top

Yellow. Weight: 0.5kg. Size: 27cm diameter x 10cmH

Larger Top

Red. Weight: 1.3kg. Size: 40cm diameter x 24cmH

Rocking Plank

Integrated rocking function. Moves 6cm as it rocks. Plastic. For 3-10 years. Typical colour: green. Maximum load: 50kg. Weight: 1.9kg. Size: 72L x 13W x 10cmH

Log Plank

Curved surface. Plastic. For 4-10 years. Typical colour: green. Maximum load: 100kg. Weight: 1.1kg. Size: 73L x 13W x 6cmH

Tilting Disc

2 plastic parts around a thick and moveable rubber connector which gives way when the user shifts his centre of gravity. For 3 years and over. Maximum load: 75kg. Weight: 0.9kg. Size: 22cm diameter x 14cmH

Slack line

Steel-reinforced plastic, polyester line and metal tightening mechanism. For 4-10 years. Typical colour: purple and yellow. Maximum load: 50kg. Weight: 2.5kg. Size: 73L x 13W x 8cmH


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