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ITEM NO : 21585

Therapy Net Deluxe Swing


Provides linear and rotational movements to enhance core development and motor control. A heavy-duty nylon cord unit is suspended from welded steel rings. Includes one safety snap. Vinyl-covered birch board (58cm diameter) is optional.

Whilst some children seek the comfortable and soft enclosure of a fabric swing like the TheraGym Tear Drop Swing, others prefer the more open and visible space provided by a net swing. Our Therapy Net Deluxe Swing helps a child feel secure whilst their vestibular system is stimulated. This also provides a safe haven for activities such as reading and studying.

Working load: 225kg (500 lbs)

Size: 122cmH

Sensory Integration is a therapy that should be carried out by suitably trained and qualified people. These swings are intended for controlled movements - they are not toys.


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