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ITEM CODE : 21544



Provides deep pressure for additional sensory input. In a similar way to babies being calmed by swaddling and being wrapped tightly in a blanket, deep pressure can be soothing and relaxing. Deep pressure is especially beneficial for children with ASD and ADHD, and can help reduce tactile defensiveness in those who cannot tolerate being touched (hypersensitivity or over sensitivity to touch).

Providing appropriate sensory input through a product like this Squeezer may reduce self-stimulation and self-harming amongst children craving deep pressure. Moving through the rollers can help with motor planning, and can be used as part of imaginative play. Tension and pressure are easily adjusted to each user's specific needs you can choose the appropriate level of proprioceptive feedback for your child. Masterfully crafted with a Baltic birch wood frame. Cushioned foam rollers are covered in an easy-care polyurethane vinyl and they squeeze and release pressure evenly and consistently. With hand holds for portability. Colours may vary.

Weight limit: 45kg (100 lbs)

Size: 85L x 60W x 38cmH


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