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Squease Vest


Inflate to make the air tubing in the vest tighter to apply firm pressure to the trunk and back, and so induce safe and secure feelings.

For those with sensory processing difficulties, this deep pressure on muscles and joints can be regulating, help improve sensory integration and restore a balanced emotional state (e.g. reducing stress or anxiety). Soothing for the over-stimulated and disorganised nervous system, as well as increasing alertness and focus in an under-stimulated nervous system. May help encourage self-regulation as the user controls the amount of pressure exerted. Wear over a thin top, with other garments over the vest.

With Velcro® side and shoulder straps, zip at front, ventilation holes and hand pump with quick release valve. Includes advice manual. Hand-wash and air-dry. Nylon with a thermoplastic polyurethane coating. Contains rubber. XXS and XS sizes are typically for 4-10 tears; S, M and L sizes are typically for teenagers and adults.

 23345  XX Small, For users up to 135cm or chest (28")
 23346  X Small, For users up to 150cm or chest (32") 
 23347  Small, For users up to 170cm or chest (36")
 23348  Medium, For users up to 180cm or chest (40")
 23349   Large, For users up to 190cm or chest (44")


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