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Cozy Caterpillar Compression Tube


Made from stretchable fabric to provide a unique proprioceptive and deep pressure touch experience. Provides a gentle and comforting hug for a feeling of calmness. Very effective for improved focus and calm for adults and children with anxiety, stress, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sensory Processing Dysfunction.

To be worn around the shoulders and over the knees whilst sitting. The users head (and feet) remain free so he/she can still see what is going on around them. Open at both ends for convenience and safety. Made from triple-stitched Spandex for durability. Royal blue only.

 22473  Extra Samll, For users 10 - 20 kg., 76 x 25cm
 22474  Samll, For users  21 - 32 kg., 97 x 33cm
 22475  Medium, For users 32 - 50 kg., 112 x 43cm 
 22476  Large, For users 50 - 73 kg., 127 x 46cm
 22477  Extra-Large, For users 73 kg+, 137 x 56cm 


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