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Relaxer Travel Size Weighted Blanket


Helpful for calming during the day and to aid relaxation during daily activities that could otherwise become stressful situations. Take it almost anywhere for convenience and reassurance e.g. in the car, on the plane, at the dentist’s or hairdresser’s. Suitable for children and adults. Colours may vary.

Fire Retardant

As a sizing guideline (suggestion only from the American OT who has designed this product – please consult a qualified therapist for a recommendation appropriate to each individual user):

 21594  Extra Small, 2.6 kg, 41 x 104cm, Approx age :4 to 8 years
 21595   Small, 3.6 kg., 48 x 99cm, Approx age : 9 to 12 years
 21596  Medium, 5.4 kg., 48 x 114cm, Approx age : 13+ years
 21597  Large, 7.3 kg., 53 x 125cm, Approx age : Adult
 21598  Extra Large, 11.3 kg., 69 x 127cm, Approx age : Adult


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