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ITEM NO : 18112

KornerKurve Ballpool by ROMPA


An inexpensive corner Ballpool.

This strong, well-made ballpool offers tactile stimulation and support for the body.

A safe and different place to relax in, without the distraction of vibration or lights.

    • Requires balls.
    • The walls are 20cm thick.
    • Interior is white unless otherwise specified.
    • Please specify colour choice for exterior.
    • This product contains wood.


Ballpools can provide a feeling of security, as though you are wrapped in a duvet.

Ballpools can be used to learn social and emotional skills, such as trust. If an individual learns to trust the ballpool balls, he/she will float on the top. If the individual is anxious, and moves around a lot, he/she will sink into the balls.

When used with coloured balls, stimulating activities such as sorting the balls by colour and counting can be introduced

Dimensions : 145 x 145 x 72.5cmH (approx)


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