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ITEM NO : 21175

Sensory Sensitive (Sensory Profile Pack)


Sensory Sensitive - This person readily notices sensory stimuli and may be uncomfortable or distracted by them. He or she has a low sensory threshold, meaning they do not need much sensory stimulation in order to respond. However, rather than manage this level of stimulation they are easily distracted by it, e.g. being distracted by an untidy room.

Colours and content may vary subject to availability. Set typically includes:

  • Aromatherapy Kit (14032)
  • Chiffon Squares - pack of 3 (16266)
  • Dolphin (18105), Storage Tub (19058)
  • Jungle Bowling Set (19508)
  • Vibrating Neck Cushion (19958)
  • Colour Changing Egg (20149)
  • Aroma Huggabuddies Elephant (21503)
  • Egg Shaker - Set of 4 (22131)
  • Aroma Huggabuddies Giraffe (21504)
  • Rhythm Pals - set of 4 (22788)
  • Knobbly Ball (23012)
  • Aroma Mist Diffuser with Refresh Blend (23247) 
  • Spiral Glitter Wands - set of 4 (24023)

For 3 years and over. This pack may contain some small parts. Some of these products will require batteries.


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