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Carrie« Rover« Stroller

Combines the Carrie Seat with a stroller base for maximum mobility indoors or out. The Carrie Seat conveniently removes to be used as a positioning chair at home or at school. It has been dynamically crash-tested for use on school buses with standard forward-facing tie-down systems. It comes in four sizes. The stroller base is also sold separately.
  • Carrie Rover Strooler Includes:
    • Full-feature, removable Carrie Seat
    • Adjustable tray
    • Adjustable footrest
    • Lightweight, folding stroller base

    4642  Preschool Carrie Rover Stroller
    Carrie« Rover« Stroller
    4643  Elementary Carrie Rover Stroller
    Carrie« Rover« Stroller
    4644  Junior Carrie Rover Stroller
    Carrie« Rover« Stroller
    4645  Small Adult Carrie Rover Stroller

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