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The PREMIER FCE SYSTEM is the ultimate in FCE Systems. It
combines the OPTIMUM FCE SYSTEM with the phenomenal AcuLift
CIL System, the most accurate and objective method of determining
a worker’s ability to lift in the “real world”. AcuLift CIL System adds a
degree of credibility that no other FCE Center in your area can match
and it gives your center powerful marketing opportunities for your FCE
and Pre Placement Screening programs. See page 8-9 for more
information on the AcuLift CIL System.
The PREMIER FCE System includes the following items.

a The SYSTEM Interface
a Color Notebook Computer
a AcuFORCE Dynamometer for Static Strength Testing,
a Color Inkjet Printer
     Dynametric Muscle Testing and Digital Tenderness Mapping
a Interface Cart
a AcuGRIP Hand Grip Dynamometer
a Accessory Package
a AcuPINCH Pinch Grip Dynamometer
a Tape Measure
a AcuROM Spinal Inclinometer
a 2-PAIN - RPE Cards
a Reflex Hammer
a Heart Rate Monitors for Constant Heart Rate Monitoring
a C-128 Tuning Fork
a Touch Sensor Lead with Remote Cable
a Tally Counter
a FCESoft-2000 Software
a Stop Watch
a MYOTEST Software
a Two Point Discrimination Gauge
a Job Task FCE Software
a DOT Soft Software

a Static FCE Software
a DTM Soft Software and DTM Tip for Low Back Patients
a The AcuLift CIL System (Pages 8-9)
a One Hand Static Handle and Large Disc for Upper Extremity Patients       
     Notebook Computer and Inkjet Printer
a Omni 500 Static Lift Platform Are Not Duplicated in AcuLift System)
a The Lift Station
a Lifting Boxes Set
a Work Box - 12” x 12” Open Top, Straight & Ergonomic Handles
a Overhead Lift and Carry Box - 8” x 12” with Dowel Handle
a Original Lift Box - 12” x 12” x 14” with Lid and Handles
a Real Box - 12” Lift Box with Lid, But No Handles
a Omni 200 Force Gauge
a The SLED for Dynamic Push-Pull Testing
a Purdue Pegboard for Fine Motor Skills Testing
a The STEP
a The Stacking CUBE
a Steel Disc Weights - 230 lbs.
a 20 each 10 lb. Discs
a 5 each 5 lb. Discs
a 2 each 2 ˝ lb. Discs
a Weight Cart for The SLED
a The Blankenship System FCE Certification

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