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following upgrades:

a Lift Station I replaces Lift Station II
a Omni 500 Static Lift Platform replaces the Omni 100 Static Lift Platform
a The One Hand Static Handle and Large Disc for Upper Extremity FCE’s are Added
a The DTM Tip and DTM Software are Added
a The MYOTEST Software is Added
The CHOICE FCE SYSTEM includes the following items.

a MYOROM Interface
a Color Notebook Computer
a AcuFORCE Dynamometer
a Color Inkjet Printer
a AcuGRIP Hand Dynamometer
a Interface Cart
a AcuROM Spinal Inclinometer
a FCESoft-2000 Software
a MYOTEST Software
a DTM Tip and DTM Soft Software for Low Back Patients
a One Hand Static Handle and Large Disc for Upper Extremity Patients
a The Lift Station
a Omni 500 Static Lift Platform
a Lifting Boxes
a Work Box - 12” x 12” Open Top, Straight & Ergonomic Handles
a Overhead Lift and Carry Box - 8” x 12” with Dowel Handle
a Original Box - 12” x 12” x 14” with Lid and Handles
a Real Box - 12” Lift Box with Lid, But No Handles
a Omni 200 Force Gauge

a B & L Pinch Grip Dynamometer
a The SLED for Dynamic Push-Pull Testing
a Purdue Pegboard for Fine Motor Skills Testing
a Heart Rate Monitor: Touch Sensor Lead
a The STEP
a The Stacking CUBE
a Steel Disc Weights
a 20 each 10 lb. Discs
a 5 each 5 lb. Discs
a 2 each 2 ½ lb. Discs
a Weight Cart for The SLED
a Accessory Package
a Reflex Hammer
a Stop Watch
a Two Point Discrimination Gauge
a Tape Measure
a C-128 Tuning Fork  PAIN - RPE Cards - 2 each
a Tally Counter
a PAIN - RPE Cards - 2 e

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