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568958    Rolyan® Smart Handle  

568959    Rolyan® Smart Handle Pro  
Rolyan® Smart Handle
Rolyan® Smart Handle takes the guesswork out of elastic band exercises by providing real-time feedback of force exerted and reps completed. It provides measurement, motivation, goals, and limitations to therapy with band.

Subjective Measurement
How do you measure progress when small variations in stretch can equate to large differences in force exerted?
Limited Safety
A patient could flex or extend beyond a safe limit with band if they are not constantly monitored. The pounds of force exerted using band can vary possibly leading to patient overexertion.
Basic Feedback
Band provides no feedback to the user making it difficult for the patient to see and understand their progress.

Objective Measurement
Digital display of effort in pounds or kilograms is ideal for reimbursement documentation.
Improved Safety
Enter reps and a target force as a minimum/maximum threshold for exertion and range of motion for safer, more effective exercises.
Motivating Feedback
Helps motivate patients by providing immediate feedback in a value they can relate to and that clearly defines progress.

Rolyan Smart Handle and Rolyan Smart Handle Pro each include: Two Handles, Extremity Loop, Door Anchor, Carrying Case and USB Charger. Pro version features Bluetooth transmission capablity. Download patient exercise results to an Apple or Android device. Export a report as an Excel document or picture. Report inlcudes number of reps, target force setting, maximum achieved, and overall average.


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