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Item No : 0816-17-224

MicroFET™ 3 Manual Muscle Tester & Inclinometer with Bluetooth  

Inclinometer results read out to .1° resolution and force measurements display in .1 lb. increments up to 150 lbs. Select pounds, Newtons or kilogram-force. Three interchangeable, molded testing attachments allow clinicians to test muscle strength for large muscle surfaces, curved surfaces and the digits. Comes with a reference chart for testing positions, a manual, recording notepads and a carrying case. Requires one 9-volt battery. Latex free. Optional software automatically performs calculations and validity checks, generates tables and graphs from testing data, creates high-impact session and comparison reports, walks the clinician through selected tests or entire protocols, and provides built-in pictures to demonstrate proper gauge and patient positioning.


Item No: 0816-17-240

microFET™ 3 Manual Muscle Tester & Inclinometer with Bluetooth and Software  

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